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Worst Recalls in Auto Industry

Over the past several months, there have been a slew of auto recalls from some of the most prominent automakers in the US and abroad. An article from About Autos will provide us some information about auto recalls that is going on.

Thinking of the Worst Recalls

Every decade or so there is an automotive recall that for one reason or another really grabs the headlines. Sadly, the recalls that make the biggest splash in the media usually involve injury or death. But they serve as reminders that even the largest carmakers can make mistakes that can lead to severe problems, accidents or other tragedy. It’s important to check your vehicle for recalls annually.

You never know when something will pop up. Whether it’s as simple as a fix for your broken air conditioning switch or something as serious as a fire hazard, the time to fix it is while the recall is active and dealer service departments are ready to make the repair.

Here are some recalls from recent history (in other words, recalls that have happened since I’ve been in the business!) that have left a stain on the track records of several auto manufacturers, starting with the little car that many felt would be the answer to the gas crunch of the 1970s. read here the full article http://autorepair.about.com/od/glossary/ss/These-are-Some-of-the-Worst-Automotive-Recalls-in-History.htm#step1

Chrysler Recalls 919,000 Jeep Libertys, Grand Cherokees, to Fix Air Bags

DETROIT — Chrysler is recalling more than 919,000 older-model Jeep Grand Cherokee and Liberty SUVs worldwide because the air bags can inflate while people are driving them.

The recall affects Grand Cherokees from the 2002 through 2004 model years and Libertys from model years 2002 and 2003, according to documents posted Friday on the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website.

Read here the full article: http://www.dailyfinance.com/2012/11/09/chrysler-recalls-jeep-libertys-grand-cherokees-air-bags/

If you’re looking to claim a reimbursement for a recalled part that you’ve already replaced, you can work through your local dealer for guidance, or get in touch with the auto maker’s customer care department. We can help you if you are having this kind of problem Call us now for more information.

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