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The Workings Of Direct Fuel Injection

The fuel injectors in your car are made to spray fuel into the cylinders of your engine where it is mixed with air and compressed before being ignited by the spark plug to produce the cars torque. As a result, a damage or non working fuel injector even a single one can make your engine to run poorly, or even not to run at all. Thanks to author Sam Smith for his enlightening article below.

The Lost Art of Mechanical Fuel Injection

Picture an old windup desk clock. Now cross it with a gasoline engine, adding a tiny crankshaft and pistons. Tack on a few Buck Rogers bits, so it looks like Rube Goldberg’s toaster. Flow gasoline through it at hundreds of psi. Finally, tweak the whole mess—maybe an oil feed, some balanced parts—to keep it from exploding in use.

Congratulations! You’ve built a mechanical fuel-injection pump, from the days before digital engines. Think of it as a clockwork if-then statement: The “if” is engine condition, physically communicated to the pump by a handful of analog sensors and levers. The “then” is fuel delivery.

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When your automobile starts getting lower gas mileage or the engine begins to stall when you step on the gas pedal or rough idle, it might be time to clean your fuel injectors. You can have this repaired at the mechanic, but you can save on your expenses by doing it yourself. All you need is the proper equipment and the knowledge to do it.

By Author: Aaron Gold

The What and How of the Fuel Delivering Technology

Direct fuel injection is a fuel-delivery technology that allows gasoline engines to burn fuel more efficiently, resulting in more power, cleaner emissions and increased fuel economy.
How Direct Fuel Injection Works

Gasoline engines work by sucking a mixture of gasoline and air into a cylinder, compressing it with a piston, and igniting it with a spark. The resulting explosion drives the piston downwards, producing power.

Traditional indirect fuel injection systems pre-mix the gasoline and air in a chamber just outside the cylinder called the intake manifold. In a direct injection system, the air and gasoline are not pre-mixed. Rather, air comes in via the intake manifold, while the gasoline is injected directly into the cylinder.

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There are several factors that could cause a car to suddenly stall. Fortunately, it does not always signify a major repair to your vehicle, and it can basically be remedied through some relatively slight adjustments or repairs. Call us at Guanella so we can discuss what is troubling your car to avoid a lot of second guessing.

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