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Why we need to change Motor Oil Regularly

One easy way to keep your car working properly is to do regular oil changes. Doing this ensures that the lifespan of your car is extended and that you will avoid having to spend on repair needs. Let’s read an article from MORBIZ

How Important are Regular Oil Changes?

We all know that you need to get your oil changed ever 3,000 – 5,000 miles, but why? You bring your car to the shop and sit there tapping the floor with your foot wondering why it’s taking so long, trying to decide how long you can delay before your next oil change. Then there’s the bill.

They always seem to tack on an extra charge that you weren’t expecting. What’s the big deal anyway? If you look in your car’s manual it’ll suggest how often you should get your oil changed, but it won’t let on to the secret as to why. Luckily, getting your oil changed is one of the least expensive auto maintenance services your car needs. Despite it being relatively inexpensive, having your oil changed regularly and on schedule plays a critical role in preserving your vehicle and saving you money. Read here the full article.

The engine of a vehicle is just like a kid and the owner of the vehicle the parent. It should be taken care of. When the engine is not taken care of, it would easily break and would cause lots of problems to the acting parent – the owner. For instance, it is imperative that the engine oil be checked regularly. Read the article of ROB MACGREGOR

20 ways to improve your car’s fuel efficiency

If you’re concerned about the price of gas or want to minimize the impact of your driving on the environment, you don’t have to scrap your car for a hybrid or a subcompact econo-box.

Did you know that a vehicle can burn up to 30 per cent more fuel if proper maintenance is not performed on a regular schedule? We all know the importance of regular car maintenance, but for many reasons, we just don’t do it often enough. here is the full article read here.


The last thing to do is to make sure that there is enough oil in your engine. This is easy because all you have to do is start the car and observe the oil meter. There you have it. Now you know how to change oil in car with ease. Don’t be distracted when you do this for you to avoid unnecessary accidents. You can also visit our shop for better understanding how we can make your car oil more efficient.

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