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Why Your Muffler Can Be An Essential Repair

Muffler repair shops are still here because not every auto overhaul shop is equipped to repair mufflers. Many mufflers need to be cut off and the fresh muffler fused in place.

By: Rich Verbrugge

Do I Need A New Muffler?

Generally speaking, car mufflers usually don’t go out while the vehicle is still under warranty. They last quite a bit longer. When it does come time to replace your muffler you have many choices. You can take your car to the new car dealer to get the exact replacement part for your vehicle, but be prepared to pay more than you would at a muffler specialty shop or a general auto repair shop.

You need not replace your muffler with the exact part number from the Ford dealer or Toyota dealer. Replacement mufflers are designed to replace the original mufflers from the vehicle manufacturers no matter what year, make and model of car you have.

There are also a wide variety of brands of mufflers, some are engineered to let the engine breath better giving you a boost in horsepower. Consult with the repair shop performing the repair to see which mufflers are available for your specific vehicle. Keep in mind, the muffler is part of the emissions system, you don’t want to void your factory warranty or do anything to keep your vehicle from passing a smog check or emissions testing in the future.

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Some people have concerns with their mufflers continually needing to be mended and are hesitant why this occurs so much. There are quantities of explanations why mufflers go bad and need remade.

By: Halfdan Timm

What Does a Muffler Repair Cost and What Leads It to Be Replaced?

Some people have their muffler too low to the ground. This could be because your tires are too small or because you customized your vehicle to lower it. This will result in mufflers needing to be repaired more often.

Humid climates can cause mufflers to go bad very quickly. In wetter and humid areas, the muffler will deteriorate faster leading to costly repairs.

Some even speculate that when your car is not properly tuned up, the gases break down the muffler quicker.

This should give you a good understanding of what your muffler repair cost might be and what is causing the problem in the first place. Sometimes there isn’t much you can do about keeping the muffler healthy, but this should let you know what you might do differently to help.

Remember that a muffler consists of various parts such as an inner pipe, housing and sound insulation. Each and every part both can and will be broken sooner or later, why being prepared to pay the small fee of $150-$275 is essential.

However, you must always repair your muffler if it gets damaged, as the car won’t be able to function properly without a part as essential as the muffler.

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Nevertheless, you must continuously repair your muffler if it gets broken, as the car won’t be able to function correctly deprived of a part as vital as the muffler. And for all your  auto body repair needs we at Guanella will take care of it for you.

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