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Wax In Wax Out For Dummies

Buffing an automobile is a procedure that commonly removes a little layer of paint from a car’s finish, exposing a lower layer of paint underneath. This procedure restores the car’s starting luster and will improve the car’s total appearance.

By author:Matthew Wright

How to Safely Wax Your Car

Wax may make your car’s paint shine, but there’s a side benefit to all of the work — protection. A well cared for finish will repel chemicals, dirt, debris, rocks, wind and the beating heat of the sun. All of those things can make your expensive paint job look like a stick of chalk over time.

Before you dive in with your high-powered electric buffer, let me give you some tips to be sure you don’t do damage to your paint while you’re trying to help it out.

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Putting a shine to your automobile will help to lengthen the life and aesthetics of the paint and car exterior. Polishing is the often not a priority step between washing and waxing, but when you do the task properly, it basically revitalizes the car’s exterior finish.

By author: Matthew Wright

How to Remove Road Paint From Your Car

Back in the old days road crews painted stripes on the road without any care for who was going to drive through them, leaving a spray from their tires that peppered traffic for miles. Not to mention the tire-track mark that was left for miles. The strippers would spray the road without so much as a single orange cone or flag to tell unwary drivers of the paint damaging goop that lay on the road waiting to be spread.

Thankfully, things are different now. The road striping truck is part of a parade of construction vehicles ablaze with yellow strobes and flanked by teams of flagmen. Still, some of us manage to get a smear of road paint on our car’s shiny finish. If it’s not paint, it’s something else — concrete, rubber, asphalt, tar.

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You don’t need to be a professional to basically Buff the clear coat on your car. With the proper equipment and materials, a little bit of time, and some elbow grease, you can achieve that high-gloss finish you dreamed of for so long. Call Guanella if you ever need car advice.

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