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Should I use aftermarket Fuel Pumps?

Is it worth buying an aftermarket fuel pump? A search on the Internet came up with this excellent article by Super Chevy.

Everything You Need To Know About Aftermarket Fuel Pumps

Every car lover wants to bolt in a real toad-strangler of a fuel pump. And while the reasons may vary—you want to upgrade your weak stocker, you’re planning engine upgrades, you’re going racing, you think a billet chunk of metal in your engine bay looks shweet—your reasoning is sound. Because that corroded chunk of metal has lived a hard life, fuel pumps wear out just like everything else with moving parts, and doing it now in the off-season sure beats going lean or breaking down next summer.

Read here the full article “Everything You Need To Know About Aftermarket Fuel Pumps”

We can also watch a video how they are installing Aftermarket Fuel Pumps

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