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Transmission Difficulties Amended

Transmission fluctuating difficulties necessitate an overhaul – if scrubbing the valve body – the shift control parts, cannot be eviscerated.

By: George Christ

5 Transmission Problems Corrected by New Additives

Vehicle problems are a worrisome thing. Especially transmission problems.

Here is how to end these 5 common problems

Slow shift when cold.
Hang-up from one gear to the next.
Rough shift or hard shift.
Fluid leaks.
Converter lock-up shudder at around 40 MPH..
Transmission shifting problems require an overhaul – if cleaning the valve body – the shift control parts, cannot be cleaned. While most transmission shops push you into the $3000 plus overhaul idea, it is because just cleaning your dirty transmission shift valves is a 2 hour money loser for the shop.

See the full article source.

Conclusion: This is the smallest luxurious way I know of to fix common transmission glitches.

By: Greg Rasa

Why The Manual Transmission Can Save Us From The Machines

Not long after purchasing my first car with parking sensors, after a few delighted first days marveling at how they helped me park in the tightest of spots, I found myself in some situation where they were beeping incessantly, so I turned them off. A half-hour later, I listened for beeping that never came as I backed into a wall, bruising my ego and the bumper skin. In a New York Times op-ed over the weekend, psychiatrist Vatsal G. Thakkar tells a similar story in which he placed blind reliance on proximity sensors — in a car that didn’t have them.

He cites the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, who says, “Many drivers are not aware of the limitations” of driver-assist technologies, while one in five drivers have had an accident or near miss because they too fully relied on these systems.

See the rest of the article.

This remedy is a great route to fix if it will work for your automobile or van. And for your body repair needs we at Guanella will take care of it for you.

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