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Tire Care And Maintenance

If you’re a car owner or just a driver, you must know that auto tires are one of the most simplest, most easy ways to make your car run more efficient. But how much does tire performance really affect in real-world situations? Author Brian Silvestro takes on this hot topic.

This Is Why You Don’t Buy Cheap Tires


Jason Fenske of Engineering Explained decided it was time to swap out the old, mismatched all-seasons on his Honda S2000 for a set of high-performance Bridgestone RE-71R summer tires. In order to show us how much of a difference the rubber upgrade made, Fenske measured stopping distances from 60 mph on both sets, and the results are pretty astonishing.

While the all-seasons were only able to manage a 60-0 run of 136 feet, the new summers pulled off the same stop using just 107 feet—almost 30 feet less. Additionally, the Bridgestones were able to generate 20 percent more g-forces of deceleration, giving us an idea of just how effective they are.

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Tire rotation is not a task that can be taken on by any individual. Fortunately there are a lot of shops around that offers tire rotation service. The only thing to ponder is what kind and price of service you are getting from these shops regarding your tire rotation.

Rotate Tires


On many cars it is very simple to rotate tires. You just remove them and move them to the appropriate spot (front to back, back to front), then re-install them.

In the last few years however this have become a much more difficult job. Most cars these days have what is called a “Tire Pressure Monitoring System” or TPMS. There are also a lot of “all wheel drive” cars on the road. These two things make rotating your cars tires more difficult. It can still be done, but you need much more info and, in some cases, specialized equipment in order to do this job.

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