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Tips on Choosing the Right Santa Rosa Auto Body Shop

Car collisions in Santa Rosa, regardless of severity, mostly always end up with one or all of the vehicles taking damage, although your ride might be lucky to walk away with little more than a dent. When your car is badly damaged, though, it can seriously pull its appeal and value down, which is why a visit to a Santa Rosa auto body shop for repairs is a wise move.

When choosing a body shop, however, always keep the shop’s reputability in mind. There are many fly-by-night operations out there you need to avoid, but you have a good chance of weeding them out by listening to word-of-mouth referrals from satisfied customers. This is how many shops prove to you that they’re indeed capable of doing an excellent job on your car body repair needs.

More importantly, while you might experience a wide difference in quotes when going around town looking for a car body shop, you need to make sure the quality of work is to a high standard. Many experts may use varying techniques to arrive at an impartial, standard quote. Your best bet in scoring a fair price would be to ask for a breakdown of the costs of the services to check on the individual costs themselves.p>

You shouldn’t choose a shop that immediately prints out a form with estimates for you without knowing what you actually need to have repaired. Look for a shop with attentive personnel who listen to what you have to say about how your car got wrecked and work out the quote based on what you tell them.

You should also check to make sure your auto shop isn’t ripping you off by claiming that they use brand new parts (thus, charging you a steep fee), when in fact they used old ones or ones not designed by the manufacturer (also known as after market parts). Prevent this by asking for documentation on all the parts the shop used in repairing your car.

When getting quality auto repair in Santa Rosa, it’s important to be aware of as much specifics of the job done as you can to ensure the best quality job your money can pay for. Check out more tips from edmunds.com/car-care/confessions-from-the-auto-body-shop.html. And visit Guanella Auto Body’s website click here.

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