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Straight from the 101: Quality Auto Repair in Santa Rosa CA

Santa Rosa is one of several cities that lie along the iconic Route 101 along the U.S. West Coast. Famous for its magnificent Pacific vistas, this major American thoroughfare sees a great deal of vehicular traffic each day. Unfortunately, it also sees its fair share of vehicular collisions.

Much of the northern part of the 101 that leads to Santa Rosa runs through the city of San Francisco, which translates into increased risk of auto collisions. Indeed, the congestion caused by the swarm of automobiles trying to drive up north seems to invite unpleasant road incidents such as car pileups. Motorists who find themselves embroiled in such automotive mishaps somewhere in the North Bay area of this highway can seek quality auto repair in Santa Rosa area from independent body shops like Guanella Auto Body.


There’s nothing more infuriating than seeing your beloved car sustain severe body damage in a collision. In such instances, you want an auto repair shop that is attentive to your needs, and not only the concerns of your insurance company. You would want your repair shop to deploy truly qualified technicians to the task, and inevitably charge you for services that were actually done on your car, without the costly frills.

In some scenarios, a collision can render your car immobile, and in need of a tow to a competent repair shop. Fortunately, you can choose a Santa Rosa auto body shop that offers the necessary towing service to get your car in from wherever it may have crashed. This is quite convenient for motorists who sustain such accidents along the busy Sonoma County portion of Highway 101.


Auto body work could take a bit longer than engine repair, especially when extensive painting is called for to restore the vehicle’s original look. During this time, car owners often hate the feeling of helplessness as their rides are on dry dock, compelling them to find other means of getting about town. It is for this reason that many choose to do business with repairs shops that offer loaner cars that their clients could use for the duration of the repair job.

It’s certainly no joke to get marooned anywhere along Highway 101, or any major thoroughfare for that matter. As such, you might want to keep a local mechanic’s number handy so you’ll have someone to call in case you need emergency towing and auto body repair services.

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