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Step By Step Guides On Auto Brake System

A prevalent adjustment to perform on Honda’s is to upturn the performance of the braking system. But to correctly elevate this system we must first comprehend precisely how it functions.

By: Robert Tonkin

An Explanation of the Components of a Honda Brake System

Drum brakes use a pair of shoes fixed inside the drum in such a way that they are pressed against the inner surface when the driver pushes the brake pedal. The drum being attached to the rim slows down the vehicle. Generally a single double-acting hydraulic cylinder connected to the pedal is used to actuate the shoes. The pedal cylinder system exploits the mechanical advantage, thereby multiplying the force being transmitted.

There is also a device called the brake adjuster inside the drum which maintains an optimum distance between the shoe-drum interface. Most vehicles incorporate a emergency brake lever, which again uses the same shoes for its functioning. When the emergency brake is actuated the cable connected to it pulls a lever connected to a shoe thereby stopping the car. This feature is also useful to park vehicles on slopes. These types are only usually found in older Honda braking systems, usually seventies and early eighties models.

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Decelerating systems have changed over the years with the altering trends in manufacturing methods. The newest automobile replicas are now using disc brake system for improved performance, efficacy and trustworthiness.

By: Martin Baron 

The Typical Braking System

In the performance market, there is an option available for upgrading the original brake systems by using aftermarket brake kits. For performance enthusiasts, upgrading this crucial component is usually part of high-level modifications.

Upgraded brake kits help in improving handling as well as the vehicle’s ability to stop. The common modifications involve changing specific components of the braking system only. These include brake calipers, brake pads and brake rotors.

How Do Brake Kits Help?

Although these are designed to improve upon the performance of the original braking system, the entire system could be changed in some situations. This is done in order to make it more suitable for certain applications.

The kits available for race cars for example, include upgraded calipers that have been designed specifically for these cars. Brake rotors are sturdier which allows them to sustain more pressure and revised pads can provide better grip.

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Performance brake kits are not lavish and some have been intended for precise purposes and requests. The installation and upkeep of these brake kits is not problematic which is another cause for their popularity. And for your body repair needs we at Guanella will take care of it for you.

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