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Simple dent repair for cars

Paintless dent repair or PDR is a common method of repairing minor dents in the body of the vehicle. Most of the dents are acquired during accidents. In today’s technology we can easily fix some minor dent problem. Let’s read an article from Jenny King of Chicago Tribune

Paintless dent repair can spruce up exteriors for less money and time

In today’s world, you can update your appearance with cosmetic surgery. Seems the same is true for your car — and it’s much faster and less expensive than a facelift, nose job or tummy tuck.

Among the more noticeable and annoying issues with a vehicle’s looks are those dents and dings from parking lot neighbors, errant shopping carts, personal goofs and perhaps even a car wash with faulty equipment.

Most of us just live with our automotive imperfections. But when warm weather arrives and we get a better look at them, or we are considering trading for a newer vehicle, the dents and dings assume greater urgency.

Paintless dent repair (known as PDR in the business) has been around for over two decades. PDR is a repair process that removes dings, dents and creases without involving body shop services that typically require sanding and re-painting.

Read here the full article to know more: Paintless dent repair can spruce up exteriors for less money and time

Paintless dent repair is a good technique compared to traditional dent repair. It is done fast and is cost effective because dents are repaired manually and carefully so repainting of the area will no longer be needed. There is an article written by Tim Chase of Dent Techs Magazine

Car Dents and Dings can be repaired using PDR- Paintless Dent Removal

If you have made the choice in the past to drive away in that brand new car your well aware of protection packages offered by your dealer of choice and now for 2015 there is a stronger presence for wheels, tires, windshield and yes even PDR, Paintless Dent Removal packages.

Most consumers today are not even aware that dent techs exist. But now with dealers pushing these new packages there is stronger presence and knowledge. If you get that nasty dent or ding on your new car it can be the most troublesome experience. Most regret even dealing with a body shop or a car dealer and for the reason being, “cost and inconvenience”.

Yes it’s quite surprising how this process is available. Read here the full article for more info: Car Dents and Dings can be repaired using PDR- Paintless Dent Removal

Nowadays there are a lot of ways to fix dents to our cars, there are some that are effective and there are some that are suspect. If you are still unsure what to do visit our location or call us for more info.

Credits to owners of article and photos.

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