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Replacing Car Bulbs

Replacing a cars light bulb seems simple enough but be wary it may be a daunting task for a newbie or one who is unfamiliar with it. We can learn a thing or two by reading this article that is written by: Philips

Replacing Car Bulbs: a job for the mechanic

Automotive lighting is undergoing a profound change. These last few years have seen the arrival of increasingly intelligent systems as well as the development of new light sources. Conventional halogen bulbs have now been supplemented with LED, Xenon and laser technologies. These new technologies are more powerful and more precise, but also less accessible for individuals, as these kinds of lighting often need to be installed by a mechanic. However, this is more due to the layout of parts in certain models than to the type of lighting. You can find out more about this story by reading the full article here.

Car maintenance is really a very important and necessary skill that every car owner should possess. Especially when you often travel at night one of the things you should often check is your cars lights mainly your headlights. Author James Ruppert gives light regarding this subject.

Car lights & bulbs – our easy guide

Checking your headlamps, indicators and fog lamps work is one of the basics of car maintenance. If they don’t it makes you less safe, open to prosecution for having a non-roadworthy vehicle and an instant MOT failure. Being able to see and be seen is a driving fundamental. Sounds obvious, but the simplest thing you can do is to keep your lights clean. This is especially important in winter with the build up of salt and road dirt. Ideally clean them once a day or every few days. Also look at the plastic covers which many vehicles have over the headlamps. These can over time discolor and will eventually become an MOT fail point. You can buy a lens cleaner, but what also works well is toothpaste. It is mildly abrasive use and an old toothbrush is perfect. Check the link for the full comprehensive guide regarding your cars light bulbs.

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