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Refurbishing Car Damage

Receiving damage to a car that you have rented can be a very stressful experience. Those who do not have the appropriate collision and liability insurance can find themselves in the middle of a serious financial crisis.

By: Amy Nutt  

How Do You Settle With Rental Car Damages?

When you rent a car, you will usually have insurance through your own car insurance policy, or insurance that is available through your credit card, or you will have obtained insurance through the car rental company. It is important to be aware of the limitations that may be attached to a credit card’s car rental insurance policy. As well, some rental car insurance policies will include comprehensive coverage, but there may be limits imposed on what and how much they will cover.

The process of submitting a claim requires completing a number of actions as outlined in your insurance policy.

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This article gives you brief introduction about the business of repairing car damage. Usually when the numbers of car grows then the ratio of damage car also grows.

By: Eyal Golan 

Repairing Car Damage

Skilled car damage repairers earn almost four folds of what novice repairer gets. Statistics show that of the 223,000 automotive repairers in 2004, 10% of them, the skilled automotive repairers earn more than $28.45 per hour. This is about four times what the less skilled repairer’s get, which is about $9.42 per hour.

If we then compare it to the median per hour rate of company executives which is about $29.75 per hour, you probably pair enough in take-home money because being in the business of repairing car damage, you do not need to wear a suit and tie, and get stressed to much thinking of how you will run the business. You may also need to worry about the life of all the people in your company. You thus sport a stressful lifestyle, although from a distance, you may look far better than blue-collar workers. You may have the power to command as a company executive but you do not have the coziness of a blue-collar job. You may be more stressed as compared to skilled car damage repairers.

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When settling rental car damages, there are a number of considerations that one should be aware of to ensure a trouble free resolution. And for your body repair needs we at Guanella will take care of it for you.

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