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Do I really need to change to Snow Tires?

Most new cars that are sold today are equipped with All-Season tires. In fact All-Season tires are a more popular choice than winter tires and summer tires in aftermarket purchases as well. Let’s read and article from The Globe and Mail too see what if it’s really worth it.

Are Winter Tires really Worth It?

It’s an inescapable autumnal rite. Thousands of Canadians are agonizing over whether to get their winter tires now or wait until the first snow warning.

That is, if they have winter tires. Thousands more will debate whether to buy a set or roll the dice with their all-season rubber.

Only Quebec mandates that motorists have winter tires installed by Dec. 15, and keep them on until March 15. Elsewhere, you can get away with all-seasons, though British Columbia requires winter tires or chains for driving in the mountains.

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You may read here the full article Are Winter Tires really worth it?

We can also watch a video if snow tires are really worth it?


Credits to all owners of the article and video.

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