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The Real Car Exhaust Insider Scoop

If you don’t know how to attach a car exhaust system this post will give you guidance on to do the removal and installation from the catalytic converter back or from the rear axle back. We will teach you the basics for your exhaust pipe car maintenance and replacement.

By Author: By Author: Matthew Wright

What Does This Exhaust Color Mean?

If you’ve noticed that your car has thick smoke coming out of the exhaust pipe, it may be a sign that your engine needs some attention. Just like you can examine an animal’s stool to get an idea of its health, you can pay attention to the quality of your car’s exhaust to get an idea of what’s going on inside the engine. As the engine burns fuel and creates exhaust, lots of different things are happening.

Unfortunately, some of these things aren’t supposed to happen. Things like burning oil, evaporating coolant and leaving unburned fuel in the exhaust — these are not good to see. Pay attention to what’s coming out and you can get a good idea as to what problems your engine may be having, often before they get bad. This saves you money.

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An exhaust leak can produce a great deal of noise, increase your emissions and produce a check engine light in your vehicle to turn on. Large leaks can fill the compartment of your car with carbon monoxide, which can be detrimental to the drivers health as well as your passengers.

By: Collin Woodard

How the Smoke From Your Tailpipe Can Tell You What’s Wrong With Your Car

In general, smoke coming from anywhere on your car is a pretty good sign that something’s gone wrong. The major exception, of course, is smoke that billows out from under your tires while you do a burnout. That’s a sign that you’re doing something right.

But if the smoke is coming from your exhaust, it will generally be one of three colors. Correctly identify the color of the smoke, and you can usually figure out what needs to be fixed.

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Exhaust piping can leak for a number of factors. Rust, cracks, scrapes and holes can develop over the span of the vehicle and require fixing. In some cases, the exhaust may be too broken to be fixed by any mean and may require changing, but any car owner can repair some less severe kinds of damage using the proper tools. But if the damage is too extensive we at Guanella will take care of your Exhaust System in a jiffy.

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