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Protecting our car from dents

Just noticed another ding on your beloved vehicle? Has your kid opened the door on someone’s car door and now you have to pay for the damage? Do you have a larger, nastier dent or scratch on a fender or bumper that is going to cost you hundreds of dollars to repair? Let’s read an article from Impact Dent Repair.


It can be very frustrating when you park your car in a public place and come back to find new dents in it. If you’re out, there are a few steps you can take to help protect yourself and your vehicle from those unwanted dings and blemishes. Check out five great tips below!

Park Away

If your car is new, making sure nothing happens to it can really stress you out. That’s why if you have to go to the store or are going out for the evening, eliminate that feeling by parking away from other cars whenever possible. This lowers your risk of other car doors bumping into yours or having objects like stray shopping carts from hitting it. The walk to where you’re going might be longer, but you’ll get a little extra exercise and have peace of mind knowing your car is in a good spot.

Open Slowly

When you get where you’re going, be sure to open your door slowly. Some parking lots and structures have walls and poles that can cause dents if you’re not careful. The same advice applies when you head to the gas station to fill up. Opening your door carefully and looking before you open it can go a long way in avoiding dents. Read here the whole article about Defensive Parking: Five Ways To Protect Against Dents

We already now have some tips how can we protect our car in simple ways, but what if the problem is quite severe let’s read an article from Chad Harley

Let The Pros Inspect and Estimate Your Hail Damage Repairs

Unfortunately, accidents can happen and nature is unpredictable. As a vehicle owner in a climate that can be detrimental to your ride, dents can accrue from all sorts of manners.

Hail is one of the biggest nature offenders, and even if you are on top of your weather conditions, your car can still be left out in the elements without protection and vulnerable to its effects.

That means after a hailstorm, your vehicle has dents and dings that can be really big and easily found or invisible to the naked eye. Either way, this will affect the worth of your vehicle later in the future if you’d like to sell it or trade it in.

If you want to read the full article go this link Let the Pros Inspect and Estimate Your Hail Damage Repairs



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