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Protect Your Investment By Working With a Reputable Santa Rosa CA Auto Body Repair Shop

Anyone who’s had to deal with car accident claims will understand how frustrating the process can be. For instance, insurance adjusters typically exert all efforts to get their clients to agree to the lowest possible settlement amount. They may also insist that you bring your car to one of the auto repair shops they have designated under their direct repair program (DRP).


While the DPR can shorten the claim process, it can also limit the claim you may receive. Additionally, it may leave you feeling helpless if you are not comfortable with any of the designated auto shops. If you want to take your car to a reputable independent Santa Rosa CA auto repair shop, you may just have to get ahead of your insurance company.

This means that if you figure in a car accident, it may be wise to take your car directly to your chosen auto repair shop before informing your car insurance provider about the accident. While this is contrary to the standard advice you may get on car insurance claims, there are certain advantages to this move. One of these is that you get to choose the repair shop to work on your car.

You may then ask your insurance adjuster to assess the damage to your car at your selected auto body shop. The mechanics at the shop can help explain the extent and cost of the damage better than you can. A reputable independent car shop can also negotiate on your behalf, as compared to DRP shops who will most likely protect the insurer’s interests before yours.


Your car is a precious investment that you would naturally want to protect, which is why it makes sense to entrust its repair to a Santa Rosa auto body repair shop that can deliver excellent service. It is also sensible to keep a list of reputable repair centers before any accident. This way, you’ll have a better chance of finding a shop with great credentials, manned by professionals skilled in all areas of car repair and maintenance.

Reliable independent auto shops can also offer all the contingencies you may need in case of an accident. This may include a 24-hour towing service, and a rental car that you can use while yours is being repaired. For more tips on choosing a suitable auto repair shop, visit ehow.com/how_5883074_good-body-shop.html. and be sure to visit www.guanellaautobody.com and you will see Santa Rosa’s finest auto body repair.

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