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Pets and Cars

Everybody loves to enjoy a great vacation with their family and friends and many of them also prefer taking their pets with them. If you are traveling with your beloved cat or dog in a car then there are many important things that you must surely keep in mind. let’s read the article of Car Talk

Holiday Travel with Pets

Dear Pet Experts:

This Christmas we’re going to my in-laws for dinner, and then stopping by to see my grandma on the way home. Luckily, our dog is welcome at the in-laws, but he can’t come into Grandma’s assisted living facility. This means he’ll be in the car for a bit. What kind of mischief could he get into in the car? We’ll be inside an hour, for coffee etc., but not long–Grandma gets tired easily!

Quincy J.
Peoria, IL

more about this article: http://www.cartalk.com/blogs/fido-blog/holiday-travel-pets


Let’s also read another article from Car Talk Why do dogs chase cars?

Why Do Dogs Chase Cars?

Dear Dr. Sip and Melissa,

My dog, Samivel, is well-mannered, endearing, playful, and cuddly. In short, she’s perfect. Almost. She chases cars, and every bit of advice we’ve ever tried has done absolutely nothing. So, I have two questions:

1. Why DO dogs chase cars, anyway? Is it just something to pass the time when not sniffing butts?
2. Is there any hope of her staying by my side when the next SUV whips past? We live on a busy road in Santa Monica.

With thanks from the two of us,

Santa Monica, CA

More about this article follow here: http://www.cartalk.com/blogs/fido-blog/why-do-dogs-chase-cars


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