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Paint Your Car Properly

It’s more than annoying to walk out to your car to find that it’s been ruined with spray paint — it also needs abrupt care.

By: Yourmechanic

How To Remove Spray Paint From A Car

It’s more than frustrating to walk out to your car to find that it’s been defaced with spray paint — it also needs immediate attention. You need to get over your anger quickly so you can begin removing the paint. As it dries, spray paint becomes more difficult to remove with common methods like soap and water.

While serious spray paint mishaps may have to be repaired by a professional, many people can complete do-it-yourself alternatives which can save money and be just as effective. Here we’ll look at different types of cleaner, with each method described in detail to ensure professionals and novices alike can safely and effectively remove spray paint from a car.

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Whatever you select, try not to vary your dye forms or varieties, as this can generate an jagged outcome.

By: WikiHow Staff

How To Mix Car Paint

Many auto body and repair shops can re-paint your vehicle, but will charge heavily for the service. If you want a smart new look for your car, but don’t want to leave a hole in your wallet, painting it yourself could be a good option. This will require some knowledge of the various automotive paint types and mixing methods. But, having grasped the basics, that slick new coat of paint won’t be too far away.

Purchase a mixing pail or cup. It is well worth your while purchasing a container made specifically for mixing automotive paint. Not only will these better endure the repeated use of harsh chemicals, but also come with side-markings which will be invaluable when it comes time to measure your paint.

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Liable on how rapidly you notice the spray paint, soap and water can be a very economical way to have your car looking new again. Different kinds of spray paint take unalike times to dry. And for your body repair needs we at Guanella will take care of it for you.

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