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Let’s check our Car Dents

When you have a car or any other vehicle, dings and dents can occur. How to deal with these dents? Read an article about fixing dents by Nelson Aguilar.

How to Fix Car Dents: 8 Easy Ways to Remove Dents Yourself Without Ruining the Paint

Only three things in life are certain: death, taxes, and getting a dent in your car or truck. Even if you’re as careful as possible, you can’t always account for runaway shopping carts, wrongly thrown footballs, out-of-nowhere light posts, and other real-life annoyances.

However you got your dent or ding, the next thing on your mind is, undoubtedly, how to get it out. Sure, you can take it to a body shop or friendly neighborhood mechanic for repair, but their price quotes can be unbelievable, especially if they want to remove the paint first or use body filler. $200 for that tiny dent?! I don’t think so.

Read here the full article click this link.

With a few tips and tricks, and staying alert, you can keep your vehicle free from dents. Let’s watch a video of Daniel Engling

How to Fix Dents In Your Car

[iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/6M8M4ovKCLQ” align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no”]


These tips will hopefully help you, but if you need extra help, we are here to answer your auto body questions………. call us and we can help you.


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