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Latest Brake Systems

First we need to know how Brake systems work. Can you service your brakes? Of course you can. Dollar for dollar, performing your own brake service is one biggest money savers for the DIY mechanic. Your brakes aren’t really that complicated and brake parts aren’t terribly expensive. Its the labor at the mechanic’s shop that gets you. Let’s check the article of howacarworks.com

How the braking system work

Modern cars have brakes on all four wheels, operated by a hydraulic system. The brakes may be disc type or drum type. The front brakes play a greater part in stopping the car than the rear ones, because braking throws the car weight forward on to the front wheels. Many cars therefore have disc brakes, which are generally more efficient, at the front and drum brakes at the rear. All-disc braking systems are used on some expensive or high-performance cars, and all-drum systems on some older or smaller cars. Read here the full article: http://www.howacarworks.com/basics/how-the-braking-system-works




That’s it! A quick breakdown of your brake system components and how they work together. There may be minor differences between different types of vehicles, but as a whole, they all work the same. Let’s take a look in the article of Mac Demere

Top 10 Ways To Make Your Brakes Last Longer

I’ve made brakes last more than 90,000 miles on my personal vehicle and, as a racecar driver in 24-hour events, kept brakes alive for hours. In other races, I burned the pads almost down to the backing plate in fewer than 50 miles. That was perfect. The events were but 40 miles long.

You can make your brakes last a long time or you can wear them out quickly. The choice is yours. Done judiciously, the following money-saving driving techniques won’t clog traffic and few other drivers will notice. Read the full article here: http://www.edmunds.com/car-reviews/top-10/top-10-ways-to-make-your-brakes-last-longer.html


Remember, keeping your brake pads in good condition will ensure that you have a smooth ride and there is less stress on the car. Of course, less stress means that your car will run and work properly for a longer time.

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