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How To Fix Rock Chipped Windshields

Rock chips are nearly difficult to evade, but gratefully they can be secured. Below are the tips and procedures for rapidly fixing those damages.

Penned by: Lora Davis.

Rock Chip Repair – Procedure and Cost

Your car’s windshield is very strong but it can be damaged. If the windshield suffers any impact, large or small, it can cause holes or cracks. If it is minor damage you can have the process called rock chip repair done. One example of how this type of damage could occur is if you are following behind a dump truck and a small stone flies off and hits the windshield can cause a small hole in your windshield.

When some people notices this hole they think they should have the windshield replaced. This can cost more money than you need to pay if you just have it repaired. Approximately seventy-five percent of damage to the windshield can be repaired.

The main requirement is that the crack or hole cannot be in the direct line of sight of the driver because some repair work can leave a mark behind. If this mark is between the visibility and of the driver, it can cause problems. If you wait and the crack spiders out it can be hard to repair because over time it will gather debris and dust making the repair results less than satisfactory.

If you cannot get it repaired immediately, cover the hole or crack with clear tape to prevent dust and debris from getting inside it.

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Your car’s windshield is very robust but it can be broken. If the windshield undergoes any impact, big or trifling, it can be the grounds for holes or fissures. If it is slight destruction you can have the procedure called rock chip restoration completed.

Written by: Autoblog Staff.

How To Fix A Rock Chip

First, get touch-up paint at your local car dealership using your vehicle’s VIN, which will cost roughly $15-20 for a tube of touch-up. Next, clean the rock chip with rubbing alcohol or another wax remover to ensure the best possible bond between the paint and the bare metal. While you let the chip air dry after cleaning, take out the paint bottle and give it a good shake for 10-15 seconds for even pigment distribution.

Close the paint bottle for now, then lightly tap the pen to help the paint fall into the tube. You’ll notice the touch-up will not drip out of the tiny tube without it being placed in the chip during use. Next, fill the chip up with thin layers of paint, allowing each coat to dry for a few minutes before adding another if necessary. The goal is to fill the chip up slowly, and allow time for shrinkage as it dries.

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If you have numerous fissures or holes or had this restoration work completed previously you should decide on to change the windshield. Generally this sort of reparation effort is handled by your auto insurance but you must verify it first. And for your body repair needs we at Guanella will take care of it for you.

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