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Essential Fuel Low-cost Issues

In order to protect the planet, we will all have to save on fossil fuels. We could all purchase hybrid cars, but fuel efficacy is just as much a consequence of your driving flair. Here are outstanding fuel proficiency guidelines.

By author: Rudy Van Lancker

Ten Excellent Fuel Efficiency Tips


Going green is in, and so is saving some green. When it comes to the rules of the road, people want to cut corners when it comes to gas. If you cannot afford the hybrids or new energy saving cars, there is still hope with other means in saving a few dollars on gas. There are ways to avoid as many trips to the gas pump just by adjusting your driving routine. The trick is all behind the wheel. Instead of fueling your gas tank, you can start fueling your bank account. Looking for the best mileage on your vehicle is wise during this severe recession. Here are ten fail proof guidelines that can help frequent drivers get the most for their dollar.

1. Shifting your car into neutral when you are just gliding down, turning corners or accelerating down a hill. Your car works less and you save gas.

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The 2009 New New York International Auto Show was a bit subdued this year, but the most fuel effectual cars took the limelight. The FCX Clarity gets about 72 miles per gallon and yields zip tailpipe discharges – a pair of stats that earned Honda the honor of creating the most fuel effective vehicle of the year.

By author: Buddy F. Evans

Will the best fuel efficient car be in a driveway near you soon?

One of the most fuel efficient cars in the world was featured at the 2009 New York International Auto Show in April.

Honda ranks highest among top fuel efficient cars The best of the best efficient cars were on display and the Honda FCX Clarity was declared the 2009 World Green Car.

The FCX Clarity gets about 72 miles per gallon and produces zero tailpipe emissions – a pair of stats that earned Honda the honor of producing the most efficient vehicle of the year. “

The FCX Clarity is a symbol of the progress we have made with fuel cell vehicles and our commitment to developing vehicles that meet the societal goals of climate stability, renewable energy supplies and zero-emissions transportation,” Steve Center, Honda’s vice president of national marketing operations, said.

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See how these little changes work for your day-to-day routine behind the wheel. Odds are those few bucks towards gasoline you are saving will show meaningfully and you can buy yourself something nice in its place. And for your body repair needs we at Guanella will take care of it for you.

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