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Electric Vehicle The Face Of Automotive Future

Charging periods vary, dependent on the type of battery, how much energy it grasps, and how worn-out it is. Charging time can range from 15 minutes to hours, all reliant on upon these elements.

By: Andrew Stratton

Mandate For Electric Vehicle Chargers Is Increasing


Imagine the money savings if you never had to fill up your gas tank again. This is one of the prime advantages of an electric vehicle. However, this great convenience comes with two major drawbacks: an inability to travel long distances and long charging times. Even though public stations refill your battery at a much quicker rate than those designed for private use, many people find installing electric vehicle chargers at home and plugging in overnight is more convenient.

Although a majority of rechargeable car owners will charge at their homes, public charging stations can actually increase a car’s daily travel range by allowing drivers to power up during working hours. In order for fleet drivers and consumers to effectively charge in public, these facilities must be integrated and consider the typical driving habits of daily commuters.

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Using this eco-friendly substitute is an exceptional way to lessen the carbon print of your courier work. With many industries trying to be more ecologically cognizant, using an electric car to transport merchandises will also give you a modest edge over others.

From: Laura Jeeves

You Can Now Find Electric Vehicle Charging Points on Google Maps

While it is quite environmentally friendly to use an electric vehicle (EV) for courier work, there are some practical challenges. One of them is trying not to run out of power during the day, which could become a hassle and leave the consignment stranded somewhere. However, in good news for those who make a living from courier work, recharging the vehicle will not be so much of a problem anymore. Google Maps now also features Electric Vehicle Charging points, so a driver will not have to rely on memory to plan feasible driving routes.

Embracing the Promising Future of Electric Vehicles

Additionally, each listing also includes user ratings and reviews, with specific details about charger speeds and many other issues. The service is available both on iOS and Android, which makes it easily accessible for anyone. Quite like searching for shops, restaurants and other services on Maps, a user simply needs to search for the term ‘EV charging’ and the app will display nearby stations. This adds an extra layer of convenience to fleets that consist of multiple EVs – drivers won’t have to worry about where they’re going to fuel up, they can simply Google it while they’re on the road in a particular location.

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Before going on your course, use a free discovery tool to discover networks along your way so you are fully ready should you need to recharge. And for your body repair needs we at Guanella will take care of it for you.

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