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Choosing a collision repair expert

The majority of the people around the globe drive a vehicle of some sort, whether it have 2 wheels or 4, economy or luxury car. Some times there might be a need for auto body repair. Let’s read an article from Elisabeth Leamy  about how to choose a good auto body shop, she is a Consumer Correspondent for ABC News.

What to Consider When Choosing Auto Body Shops

So this week I crashed my car. I’m perfectly fine and so is the other driver. But my car has some ugly “injuries” and suddenly I have to try to follow the advice I give to consumers all the time. Getting in a car accident is bad enough, but some consumers feel like fate comes crashing down on them a second time when they go to get their car repaired.

Shoddy work. Junkyard parts. Insurance-company influence. But even if your car is a tangle of metal, like something from a bad dream, getting it fixed doesn’t have to be a nightmare. The key is in choosing the right auto body shop. It’s an important choice because for most of us our car is our second biggest investment after our home.

Insurance companies are not supposed to force you to use their chosen shop. That’s called “steering.” But most insurers keep a list of approved shops that they’ve worked with in the past. And it’s one way to narrow your choices down. Once you have that list, ask friends, colleagues — your mechanic — if they can recommend any of the shops on the list. If not, maybe they have another strong recommendation. Read her full article here.

If the above article provided some good information you might want reading this next article I saw in the internet by Cash Repair Info.

Choosing The Right Body Shop

All body shops are not the same. That’s why choosing the right body shop is important. A reputable body shop employing trained, competent technicians, following recommended repair procedures, using the proper tools and equipment, and operating in an ethical manner can make a big difference not only in how your car is repaired, but equally important, how you’ll feel about driving your car afterwards.

The average person can’t tell if a shop has the proper tools and equipment or not. But there are a few things you should look for, and questions you can ask.

First, look at the shop’s work area. A relatively clean, organized shop is a sign of professionalism. Just because body work can sometimes be messy and dirty, doesn’t mean that the shop should look that way. Click the link if you want to continue reading the article.

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