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DIY Spark Plug Maintenance

Replacing your cars spark plugs requires only minimal effort with just the right tools. So every car owner should at least have a small knowledge of how it is done so you can avoid unnecessary car break downs which can be both troublesome to both driver and passengers alike. Special mention to author Ben Wojdyla for his insightful article about spark plugs.

When Spark Plugs Get Stuck

I’ve heard platinum spark plugs can get stuck in engines. Is this true? If so, is it possible to prevent?

There has been a long-standing rumor, longer than the promised 100,000-mile lifetime of platinum spark plugs, that these plugs tend to get stuck in place. The concept behind the rumor is that because the plug is made of platinum, contact with the steel or aluminum of the engine’s head results in galvanic corrosion surface degradation that happens when dissimilar metals are in contact with each other in an electrolyte, in this case, water. The theory is that this process fouls the threads of the plug and fuses it in place.

The problem with this logic is that the threaded end of the plug that contacts the engine’s head isn’t made of platinum, it’s made of plated steel just like any other plug (and that plating should resist galvanic corrosion with an aluminum head). The platinum component is the center electrode nestled at the core of the ceramic insulator. It never comes into contact with the rest of the engine.

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To fix, troubleshoot and take care of your vehicles spark plus, you’ll need diagnostic and maintenance info that is specified to your automobile. None the less with the right tools and the proper knowledge this task will be as easy as can be.

Car Spark Plug Replacement

DIY spark plug replacement is actually a pretty easy job that most people can do themselves. Keep in mind though that there are some cars that have the spark plugs in VERY hard to reach places.

The good news is that most newer cars (built after 2000) have spark plugs that are pretty easy to get to. Be sure to check your owners manual or service manual first so you know what you are getting into. After you do that there are just a few things that are absolutely essential to remember.

Special mention to the article source.

Automobile spark plug replacement is another one of those auto repair do it yourself tasks that are simple to do, but can be a a hassle if you do not understand. Fortunately at Guanella auto body shop, spark plug replacement  is something we understand and can guide you in doing yourself or refer to the right professional.

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