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DIY Car Colorfy

This is a focal overview for all car owners or not to follow so that they will the the knowledge and capability to paint their cars themselves.

By: Matthew Wright.

Contemplating a Color Change

Having your car painted is a huge decision. First and foremost is the matter of cost – painting a car is expensive, even if you try to keep things as cheap as possible. But a new paint job can really make you feel like your car is exciting again. It’s up to you to decide whether the expense is worth it. Once you’ve made the decision to paint your car, you’re presented with a new quandary.

Wouldn’t it be fun to paint your car a different color?

A new shade would really make it seem like you have a nice new ride. You really loved that deep shade of wine when you bought your car, but now a bright yellow car would really put your mood in the right place on the way to the office. Before you make the leap and commit to a color change, there are some things to consider.

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When painting your car a base coat/clear coat painting is more challenging than acrylic enamel because the paint has a tendency to drip. You can only achieve that perfect glossy finish with some skills and the right equipment. Be also aware that this procedure uses dangerous chemicals, so make sure you put on the proper safety gear as you do the painting job.

From Author: Chris Perkins.

How to Touch-Up Chips in Your Car’s Paint


If you drive your car out in the real world, you’re going to get rock chips. Some wear them as a badge of pride, while others might see them as a bit of an eyesore. For the second group, detailer extraordinaire Larry Kosilla has a great method to restore your car’s front end right at home.

To follow Kosilla’s method, you’ll need some touch-up paint, rubbing alcohol, and an extremely fine painting pen, like this Loew-Cornell one you can pick up at Amazon. This pen isn’t designed specifically for fixing rock chips, but it works perfectly well for the job at hand.

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A cars paint can be easily damaged, debris from the road rises up while driving to chip the sides, intense weather can wreak havoc on the hood, and vehicular accidents can happen any time. A car in use is bound to have a few damaged paint panels in its body. These chips are usually too minute to justify a new Paint Job or professional work at all. If the affected area is smaller than a thumb, you can use touch-up paint to fix the damage. Try Guanella and you won’t have to worry about anything at all.

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