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Common Mistakes of Driver that Cause Accident

Many drivers are totally unaware that certain habits can actually damage their vehicles. Driving habits you once thought were harmless are actually highly detrimental. Continue reading to learn a few common habits that can cause serious, costly damage to your car, and see if you are guilty of a few of them yourself. Let’s read an article from John Simmance Ltd windmill garage

4 Common Driving Mistakes Which can Cause Damage

Did you know that your driving habits could actually be causing damage to your vehicle? Much of the wear and tear and repairs can be avoided through better driving. While many car problems can be attributed to the age of the vehicle, you could improve the lifespan of your car by avoiding these driving mistakes.

  1. Driving on an empty tank
    We’re all guilty of doing it now and again – but regularly allowing the car to get down to the point where the engine fuel light is on can be dangerous. Running out of fuel can not only mean a callout to a breakdown provider, but it also risks serious damage to your vehicle. When you run out of petrol, the fuel pump can suck in dirt which can clog it up, and lead to forking out for an expensive replacement. It’s not worth the risk – top up your fuel tank regularly.

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