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How to clean battery corrosion

Corroded battery terminals usually cause more problems than just poor starting of your car. There are of course, extreme cases of corrosion, but even the minor ones can still reduce alternator output by a huge percent stressing the charging system and causing other early battery failures. I have tried cleaning my own battery, but fore some reason the corrosion is still on going. Let’s check some article from Love to Know.

How to Clean Alkaline Battery Corrosion

Did you pop open the battery cover to find a big corrosion mess? You can clean a device that has had a leaky battery. It isn’t a difficult process as long as you follow the directions carefully. If the corrosion is found quickly enough, you should be able to save the device from being permanently damaged.

You may read the full article here How to Clean Alkaline Battery Corrosion

I also saw a video how we can clean our battery contact us for more info.

credits to owners of videos and article

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