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Check Engine Light Basic Info

Check engine codes are very important in your cars operation. The codes should be erased which will cause your engine light to turn off. This process may not work on all vehicle’s computers. If the battery is disconnected and the light comes right back on, this may indicate an active problem and should be addressed and fixed.

By Author: Rick Popely

What Does the Check-Engine Light Mean?

The check engine light (typically a yellow or orange outline of an engine with the word “Check” or “Service Engine”) should come on for a few seconds every time you start the engine with other warning lights. If it stays on, that means there is a problem. If your check engine light is flashing or blinking rather than staying illuminated, it indicates a serious problem that needs to be dealt with right away. Many of the common causes of an illuminated check engine light are simple and easy to solve, but sometimes, an engine light means something serious has gone wrong.

If the check engine light is flashing or blinking, that usually indicates a misfire or other serious issue that requires prompt repair and should be dealt with quickly at an auto repair shop. Ignoring a flashing light increases the chances of additional problems, including damaging an expensive catalytic converter (which costs more than $1,000 to replace on some cars). If your engine light is blinking, take your vehicle to your mechanic right away.

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There are several cautioning lights that can light on your console. They can be signs of an impending catastrophe in any number of your vehicle’s structures. This is the main display used by your vehicle’s computer to caution of a pending or present problem within the powertrain.

By well known author: Robert Tomaszek.

How to Reset Your Check Engine Light

The vehicle’s computer gives out trouble codes according to what it sees as a problem. These codes are indications of the area that the problem is in, but they are not a true diagnosis of the problem. Depending on the codes that you retrieve, it is important to follow the manufacturer’s diagnostic tree to locate and repair the problem. This will keep you from replacing any parts that are not in need of replacing.

Example: A code P0301 is generally a code for an engine misfire on the number one cylinder. Following a diagnostic flow chart will run you through a series of steps to be able to diagnose why this problem is occurring.

It is important to repair the problem before clearing the codes from the system. Failure to do this can result in repeated problems and possible extensive damage to the vehicle’s powertrain.

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Before make an attempt to analyze a Check Engine Light, it is vital to correctly check the vehicle first and make sure you have the needed gears. You must check the liquid levels and top them off. Once the liquids are viewed you can move to identifying the vehicle. And for your body repair needs we at Guanella will take care of it for you.

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