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Changing Oil of your Vehicle When and How?

We often think when should we change oil of our vehicle, there are some instructions that every 3,000 miles we should change our oil to protect and maintain the performance of our vehicle. There is an article how often we should change oils by Clark Howard.

How often should you change the oil in your car?

Severe conditions necessitate more frequent oil changes

To reconcile the varying points of view, you’ve got to consult your owner’s manual and use a little bit of common sense. Most owner’s manuals for newer vehicles will tell you it’s acceptable to go 5,000 miles between oil changes under normal conditions. But you should drop to 3,000 miles if you drive under severe conditions.

What exactly are severe conditions?

One oil change technician I spoke to said that “jack rabbit” stops and starts — the kind people tend to do when racing from traffic light to traffic light — are a prime example. An AAA Auto Club spokesman I heard from cited other factors, including extreme heat and using your vehicle to tow others. Other factors might include driving in very dusty parts of the country or frequently driving at high altitudes. Read more about this article How often should you change the oil in your car?

Then after reading this article somehow we think if we can DIY changing oils of our vehicle, actually yes, but there are some procedures that needs to be followed let’s read the article of The Family Handyman

DIY Car Maintenance – How to Change Your Car Oil Yourself

One of the most critical maintenance chores for cars is changing the oil regularly. Learn how to change your own oil quickly and without getting too dirty. You’ll save money and extend the life of your car by thousands of miles.

Changing the oil in your car is something that any DIYer can do. Although changing the oil might appear rather “duh,” there are still a lot of folks doing it wrong, making it an ugly chore or overpaying for oil changes they could do themselves. Plus, it’s the single most important task you can do to make your engine last.

Changing your own oil isn’t brain surgery—you probably did it yourself years ago. But with oil change shops charging more and more, it’s time to get back under the car and start saving big bucks. Plus, you won’t be pressured into buying overpriced add-ons (like wiper blades and PCV valves) every time you go in for a change. We’ll show you how to change your oil fast and painlessly. And we’ll show you some tips you may not know about.

Read here the full article about DIY Car Maintenance – How to Change Your Car Oil Yourself


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