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Car Mirror Points To Consider

When a car glass breaks, it’s a communal error made by many motorists to have the entire assembly mirrors substituted, when all she wanted some spare and minor repair mirror.

By: Aariz Mike

How to Find Replacements For A Car Mirrors Glass

Car mirrors are probably one of the most frequently replaced parts, because they are prone to be broken – just ask any driver who ever reverse into their mailbox, or glass whose car has been snapped with a baseball bat by a gang of rowdy teenagers. Once a car glass breaks, it’s a common mistake made by many drivers to have the whole assembly mirrors replaced, when all she needed some replacement and minor repair mirror mirror.

It’s actually quite easy to replace your mirrors. The first step is knowing how to find good replacements for them. Some of the best places where you could find replacements mirror is to look online. So if you find yourself need help with this first step, here are some websites you might check:

Carparts-direct.co.uk. This site offers many types of auto glass mirrors car makes and models, such as Mazda, Ford, Fiat, Volvo, Volkswagen, and much more. Typical prices are $ 10 to $ 20. Outside mirror, you can also order more parts from this website such as alternators, coil springs, steering pumps, among others.

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Rear view mirrors are an essential addition when driving any motor vehicle and in spite of their use in all cars, there is no typical way of regulating them.

By Jim Baz

How To Adjust Car Mirrors To Avoid Blind-spots

Rear view mirrors are an indispensable accessory when driving any motor vehicle and despite their use in all cars, there is no standard way of adjusting them. Most drivers adjust the rear-view mirror to encompass the rear window of the car and this is generally an acceptable way of doing so. Some drivers though will bias the side-to-side angle of the rear-view mirror so that a very small portion of the rear windshield trim is visible. In the case of left-hand drive cars, this would mean that the rear-view mirror would be angled slightly to the right. The majority or drivers will adjust their side-view mirrors with what we will call the narrow-angle view. This means that a fourth of the usable area of the mirror will show the side of the car being driven. This is done for the left and right side-view mirrors.

There is a school of thought though that promotes the wide-angle view. The theory is that this setting will eliminate the blind spots in your view to the rear. A car coming from the rear will first be seen in the rear-view mirror and as it moves past your vehicle, that particular car will instantly show up in either the left or right side-view mirror. Although it may seem like a new method, this teaching has been around since the late 60s but has not really caught on because it is disconcerting for the first few times that you try it out. Here are the steps to set your mirrors to a wide-angle view.

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Having your broken mirror glass may be a routine, but do not be concerned, this is positively not producing much distress or large extractions from your bank account. And for your body repair needs we at Guanella will take care of it for you.


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