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Car Detailing Extravaganza

Detailing an automobile requires surpassing the common vacuum and wash job. It means paying close focus to the minute details that add up to make the car look great. Begin with the cars inside so that you don’t have to worry about dirtying up your exterior while detailing the cars interior. By author Jason Fogelson

Top Ten SUV Detailing Tips

You’ve invested a ton of dough on your new SUV. The best way to protect your investment is with regular maintenance. A good mechanic can handle the engine, transmission and electrical system. A good detailer can do wonders for the interior and exterior.

Most of us won’t do much work under the hood beyond the occasional oil and filter change. But almost all of us can attack the task of washing, cleaning and detailing our SUVs on our own.

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To sanitize your automobile, you can either choose a simple body and wheel cleansing, or you can choose to clean both the entire inside and outside of your automobile. But before you start cleaning the outside of your car, make sure the body of your car is not warm or hot and in the shade. Use specifically made cleaners to clean the body and wheels of your car. Thank you for the writer Mike Spinelli.

10 Things You Must Know About Detailing Your Car

For starters, (1) never even touch your car without a lubricant such as water, spray wax, waterless wash, or soap. These lift contaminants from the surface, “so you won’t grind soil into the paint and spend the rest of the day buffing out the scratches,” Kosilla says.

Try to (2) be methodical and work in this order: wheels, paint, interior, and glass. Otherwise, you’ll waste precious time fumbling around washing and rewashing. Doing the wheels first, before you wet the rest of the car, prevents water spots from forming on the paint. Wash the glass last in case you smudge the windows while cleaning the interior.

Dirty wheels often contain brake dust, which can scratch paint, so (3) designate one bucket and mitt for painted areas only, and keep another wash mitt in a separate bucket for the wheels.

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Alternatively you can also take your car into an automatic or drive-through service to have it cleaned. And depending on where you take it and the services you select, it can cost anywhere between $8 to $90 to have your car cleaned professionally. We at Guanella can give you a reference for a  superb clean




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