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Car Battery Removal Processes

If you want to substitute your car’s battery, be sure to use appropriate dumping procedures.

By writer: Sarahbeth Kluzinski

The Importance of Proper Car Battery Disposal

Everyone is familiar with the generic situation in which the battery in a person’s car has died, leaving them stranded in a public parking lot or on the side of the road. In these cases, a person simply contacts a friend, family member, or roadside assistance company for help. They will show up with a new battery, remove the old one, and hook everything back up together again.

Changing and replacing a battery in a car is common knowledge for most adults; however, knowing what to do with the used battery once its removed is not. There are several constituents inside a car’s battery that allows it to cooperate and function within vehicles. These same components are mostly chemical-based, and can be tremendously hazardous in various aspects. Continue reading to learn how to properly get rid of a used car battery, and why safe battery disposal is so important to us and our surrounding environment.

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Car batteries are not to some degree you can merely throw in the garbage once they are castoff up. And why would you when you can sell it to a scrap metal buyer for money on the spot!

By: Sarahbeth Kluzinski

Tips for Responsible Car Battery Disposal

As we all know, batteries of any kind do not last forever, which means we must replace them at some point in time. This especially applies to motor vehicle batteries. But when it comes times to have a car battery replaced, it is important that you know how to safely get rid of the old one. Proper car battery disposal is crucial because old units can cause an extensive, irreparable amount of damage to our surrounding eco-system and the environment as a whole. You see, a typical 12-volt automotive battery contains highly toxic and hazardous chemicals, such as lead, that have the potential to seep into the ground.

This is a frightening concern because these chemicals can destroy plant life, contaminate our ground water sources, kill or harm wildlife, and much more. These effects can have lasting consequences to the people in the surrounding vicinity for years to come. The list of possible consequences of poor battery disposal is virtually endless, which is why it is important to learn the safest methods for getting rid of used car batteries. Do this and you can do your part to protect the well-being of our planet, and even make some fast cash while doing it!

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Absorption of any of the elements can be very hazardous. If you come into interaction with any inner constituent of a car’s battery, it is counselled to wash your hands directly. And for your body repair needs we at Guanella will take care of it for you.


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