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Brake Issues and Fixes

Brake repair is not as cumbersome as most people might think – It can often be accomplished often by any person with some mechanical capability accompanied with a bit of experience.

Brake Repair


Most people with some amount of mechanical ability can do this job themselves. I’ll show you the tools and supplies you need as well as all the tips and tricks to do this job correctly.

When checking your brake fluid you may notice that it is very dark, almost like used engine oil. If you find this then you need to get it changed. This article will show you what brake fluid should not look like and what to do if yours does look like this.

This is something that you need to know if you drive a car or truck. You may not ever have to do it, but you should know how simply because you don’t want your vehicle to lose its ability to brake. If your brake fluid gets too low, then you won’t be able to stop your vehicle.

Discover the wrong ways utilized by shady repair shops to cheat their clients into paying for parts and repairs that aren’t really needed, Read More so you are not ignorant.

Squeaky brakes are a common automotive problem suffered by many car owners. But fortunately there are many fairly simple and easy on the budget fix. By author Mike Allen

How to Fix Squeaky Brakes

It’s the first nice day of summer; you’ve taken the convertible out of winter storage and you’re ready to hit the road. The stereo is cranking sweet guitar riffs as you cruise the beach, but for some reason the feedback on Wayne Kramer’s ax (Motor City 5, for the uninitiated) starts to sound more like the drone string on Ravi Shankar’s sitar. And that’s not good. Changing tracks, you find that same droning noise, and it isn’t coming from your high-end stereo—in fact, it’s your brakes. They are squealing. By the time you get back home, the noise has become so shrill it makes the dog hide under the porch and bark. The brakes seem to work just fine, but any application of pedal immediately makes the noise louder. Owww, it’s hurting your ears. Time to check the brakes.

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