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Having or cleaning your car yourself seems simple enough, but actually you need to think about a lot points to get it just right. In the article below you will learn how to wash, wax and detail a car properly.

How to Wash, Wax and Detail a Car

There is a distinct difference between a car wash and a professional auto detailing company. Automotive detailing is to car cleaning what Picasso is to the kid next door who won the art prize at school.

Auto detailing means comprehensive and meticulous cleaning and protection of a car to showroom condition or better.

Time and expertise are required to take things to this level. There is a significant demand for automotive detailing. Car cleaning can be done at a dedicated site or offered as a mobile service. Depending on the range of services offered, relatively little machinery is required. Add it all up and it makes for a great business idea.

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Most car owners common belief is that a wash and wax is the optimal way to keep a car shiny and clean. It is is in the right place, but there is much more to washing a car than those two things. Special thanks to author Timothy Dahl on his enlightening article.

How to Wash Your Car Like a Pro

If you care about your car’s exterior, you’ll avoid those quickie car washes with the big brushes that can do more harm than good and do a DIY car wash that will achieve the best results.

Most people that a wash and wax is the best way to keep their car shiny and clean. Their heart is in the right place, but there is much more to washing a car than those two things. We spent a day with Mike Pennington and Rick McDonough of Meguiars, who demonstrated the proper way to wash your car and maintain a clean exterior.

We regularly hand wash our 1983 Mercedes-Benz 300D using a pressure-washer and mitt with soap and water, that helps remove the dirt we can see, but we’ve been neglecting a few important steps.

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