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What are the benefits if you restore your vintage car?

Have you recently purchased a muscle car? If so, how is its shape? Unfortunately, there are many individuals who sell their muscle cars because they are unsatisfied with their current state. This article writer Brian Earnest shows the vintage cars can be restored to their original state.

Reunited: 1969 Corvette gets its engine, transmission back

By Brian Earnest

Randy Walter and the guys at Corvette Sports in Sheboygan, Wis., have done more engine and transmission installations on Corvettes of every vintage than they can possibly remember. They have specialty tools and custom-made jigs for particular parts of the job to make things easier, but mostly they have years of experience that helps them make quick work of such jobs.

Recently, Walter made short work of a job that would seem a little intimidating to some, but looks simple in the hands of a professional.

The shop already had a completed rolling chassis for this 1969 Corvette by the time Walter started the drive train installation. The 350-cid V-8 was on the hoist and ready to drop in.

You can read here the full article: Reunited: 1969 Corvette gets its engine, transmission back

One of the many benefits to vintage car restoration is your options; they are literally unlimited. First off, you can decide how you would like to have your vintage car restored. Let’s read the next article of CarsDirect.com

A Guide to Classic Car Restoration in Los Angeles

Classic car restoration in Los Angeles is easer to accomplish than in other cities, most of which are less car-centric. One of the largest cities and well known for its restored muscle cars and vintage vehicles, Los Angeles has numerous shops, parts stores and artists to take advantage of.

When it comes to classic car restoration, Southern California holds the title. If you are looking for a car already restored to buy, this is an excellent place to look for what you want, and you’ll probably find it. Full article here: A Guide to Classic Car Restoration in Los Angeles

If you are interested in restoring your car, you can contact us because we provide an excellent restoration service in our area.


Credits to owners of article and photos.

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