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Beating The Info On Drum Brakes

Drum brakes are hard. There’s a cause why most of the large rigs on the thoroughfare still use them.

By: Bob Sorokanich

How to Overhaul Drum Brakes, The Ten-Pound Sledgehammer of Braking

Drum brakes are tough. There’s a reason why most of the big rigs on America’s highways still use them—they’re long-lasting, and if you don’t overheat them, they’ll give you strong stopping power for miles and miles.

And while the hot new performance cars we love have all switched to four-wheel disc brakes, we’re betting there’s a vintage car, a beater pickup truck, or a high-mileage commuter in your fleet that still uses shoes. Here’s a complete tutorial on how to overhaul your drum brakes.

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When obtaining a car, many likely purchasers notice the look of the car right away. Nevertheless, the type of foot-brakes that the car has are not so obvious.

By E. Uribe

Drum Vs Disc Brakes

When purchasing a car, many potential buyers notice the aesthetics of the car right away. However, the type of brakes that the car has are not so apparent. Perhaps you have heard mechanics talk about disc and drum types of brakes or maybe you have never realized that there are two types. Well the purpose of this article is to inform you of both types and what they can mean for your car’s performance.

All earlier automobiles had drum brakes, but these were switched out with disc brakes in the 1970s.  Some cars have disc brakes on all four wheels, but other cars have the disc kind on the front wheels and the drum type on the back wheels. Disc brakes are not necessarily better because they are newer just as drum brakes are not necessarily worse than disc because they are older.

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Brakes are just as important as any other part of the car. Therefore, it is good idea to be familiar with your brakes and how they work. And for your body repair needs we at Guanella will take care of it for you.

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