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Basic Car Care Tips

Most people aren’t mechanics, and  some of them could care less about their car as long as it looks decent and drives fine. Nonetheless a liable driver must at all times take the time to learn at least some good car care tips in his arsenal.

By Great Writer: Bob Tom.

12 Amazing Car Care Tips You Should Know About

Whether you are a person using public transport or a person who has your own vehicle, either way transportation is such a pivotal component of each of our day-to-day lives and certainly it is a dream for anyone who doesn’t have his own vehicle to one day own a vehicle that belongs to him or her. It’s a goal for most of us to eventually own our own car and once we do it’s important for us to know how to maintain our car so that we can use it without problems and in good running condition which will make our day to day activities a lot easier.

We have gathered together for you some expert car care tips which not only can be done by anyone but will only take a little bit of time and it certainly will improve the service that your car gives you.

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Car care information  will only take a slight bit of time and it will surely provide benefits.

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Easy Car Care Tips

For an accurate reading, check the oil dipstick while the car is turned off and parked on a horizontal plane. If the oil on the dipstick is black or deep red, have the oil changed by a professional or change it yourself if you’re feeling confident. To check the oil level, pull the dipstick out and wipe it clean with a rag, then plunge it back into place. Pull the dip stick out again and hold it horizontally for an accurate reading.

Be sure the oil on the stick is just under or right at the correct oil-level line or indicator hole; it should never be over. Putting excess strain on your hard-working car by not changing its oil will lead to trouble. An engine repair will have you dipping into your savings and leave you without car for as long as it takes for the proper repairs to be made.

Antifreeze keeps engine temperatures stable in all climate extremes and driving conditions. Always be sure you have the right level of antifreeze because fooling around with the cooling of your car’s complex mechanical parts is an unnecessary risk. Invest a few dollars in a bottle and keep it handy in your trunk. Antifreeze should be added when the engine is cool. Use a funnel as you would when adding motor oil to avoid splashing this greenish, toxic chemical on other parts of the car.

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When it comes to the stage to hawk your car or make maintenance’s, having kept some of these rudimentary areas will really pay off. Neglect is the most communal and expensive way to see your cash go down the drain on upkeep’s that could have simply been evaded. And for your body repair needs we at Guanella will take care of it for you.

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