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Automotive Repair And Maintenance

Most people can remember to change the oil periodically, but there is a list of other things that also needs to be done. Unfortunately this can lead to broken parts and extra money being spent to repair the things that just needed a little maintenance.

DIY Car Maintenance


There are many maintenance items that you can easily do yourself, but there are a few that may be better left to the pros. I’ve written thorough guides for the most common car maintenance items. I’ve also written detailed how-to guides for any that you should be able to do yourself. Before you try these jobs, be sure to read about them first so you know what you are getting into!


Auto maintenance is one of the things that a lot of people take for granted after obtaining their new or second hand car or auv. It’s just so easy to drive until the car tells us something is just not right. See the full article.

While major problems are best left to professionals, do it yourself auto repairs are feasible for most jobs. With some mechanical knowledge and basic hand tools, you can save a lot of money by working on your own vehicle.

Do It Yourself Auto Repair

Set aside half a day to read up and familiarize yourself with the steps for your DIY auto repair. The last thing you want to do is break something or replace a part that isn’t bad because you didn’t diagnose the problem correctly. Make sure that the repair that you’re attempting is within your skill level and experience. If it isn’t, turn to a friend with technical skills or a trusted auto repair shop.


A few times it is frugal to send your automobile to an auto repair shop. For things such as changing wheel bearings in some vehicles, you will need heavy equipment to get the job done. Read more regarding this on this post.

If you have any complicated questions about vehicle problems, Experts at Guanella auto body are more than capable of giving you good advice.

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