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Automobile Tire Repair

When you drive for about 8000 miles yearly, A car owner should consider tire rotation every 7 months or so. Rick Popely Shows us how it is done.

How Often Should You Rotate Your Tires?

A good time to rotate your tires is when you get the oil changed, assuming you do that at least once a year and more often if you drive, say, more than 10,000 miles annually. Most vehicle manufacturers recommend that the tires be rotated on the same schedule as oil changes. In most cases that means every 7,500 miles or six months, though some have stretched the oil-change interval to 10,000 miles, such as on many Fords, Volkswagen’s and Toyota’s. BMW allows up to 15,000 miles between oil changes, but that is too long to wait to rotate the tires.

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How Long Do Tires Last?

What things and aspects do have to consider when replacing your tires? What would be the average life expectancy from the tires that come with any new vehicle? There are many facets that can factor in regarding this. Fortunately Rick Popely shows us the ropes.

Driving for extended periods on under-inflated tires shortens their lifespan, as will driving a vehicle whose wheels are out of alignment. If you never or seldom have your tires rotated, that also can accelerate wear, especially the tires mounted in front on a front-wheel-drive vehicle. They not only carry most of the vehicle’s weight but also carry most of the load in braking, cornering and jackrabbit starts.

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