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Specialty auto repair denotes to the reparation and repairing of specialty autos and particular auto fragments. Specialty auto repair centres to take unusual care to deliver you with genuine factory parts.

By: Ken Marlborough

Specialty Auto Repair

Specialty auto repair refers to the repair and servicing of specialty autos and specific auto parts. Specialty auto repair centers take special care to provide you with genuine factory parts. Specialty auto repair technicians are highly skilled and experienced and they can pin point the problem of the automobile. Whatever model of luxury car or foreign car you are driving, there are repair centers specializing in those very models.

Specialty auto repair centers offer special dealer alternative maintenance and service packages. Some of them give extended warranties services for their clients. They even undertake heavy engine and transmission repair and replacement if needed. Some of these dealers have their own websites from which you can download special auto repair discount coupons.

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For ages people have questioned me this inquiry rather regularly. What kind of workshop should I use for motorized repairs, a dealership or an independent?

By: Tom Torbjornsen

Auto Repair: Should You Use a Dealer or Independent Shop?

For years people have asked me this question quite frequently … what kind of shop should I use for automotive repairs, a dealership or an independent? I hesitate to answer because I see benefits both ways and, no matter how I respond someone always gets offended. I can no longer duck the question because it comes up so frequently from people everywhere. So let’s discuss it. I will present advantages and disadvantages of both types of shops, then you decide what’s best for you. The dealership or an independent shop.

New car profits are at such a historic low that the service departments must step up to the plate and become profitable for the dealership to survive. Another reason is warranty work; at one time it represented 70% of the service done at dealerships. Today that figure has fallen to about 20% – cars are made better and last longer! And, finally, dealerships are offering better service in an effort to capture the customer’s car purchases.

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The drawback of going to a specialty auto repair workshop is that they have a high sales field, they might need you to do more and more effort. And for your body repair needs we at Guanella will take care of it for you.

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