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Apps for Executives

So you have a hot new iPhone or iPad – now which apps should you download and use? Here’s a list of the hottest apps to help you travel smarter and work more efficiently when on the road. Let’s read the article of John Brandon

10 New Business Travel Apps for Busy Executives

In a last-second rush to travel on business? Before you head out the door, make sure you load up your smartphone or tablet with these 10 helpful apps. They’re designed to keep you on track with expenses, jot down reminders and tasks, book a hotel from the plane and even control your presentation from a mobile device over Wi-Fi.

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At this very moment, we can guess that about half of the world population is dreaming of traveling to some place exotic and half others are already there. It’s summer people and for me summer is all about traveling and enjoying things but without proper planning this travel can turn into a disaster. Let’s read the article of Sami Haj-Assaad

Top 10 Mobile Apps for Car Owners

Here’s a list of apps that we find the most useful when it comes to driving and car ownership. Many apps on this list are at least available for both Android and iOS handhelds, while some also support BlackBerry and Windows Phone devices.

Read more: http://www.autoguide.com/auto-news/2014/03/top-10-mobile-apps-car-owners.html

What this App is, after all? It is called AutoBot, much like an app recently came out called “viper.” Now you might have a question what is the use of, particularly this one? The answer is pretty obvious that it helps you when most of the times you park cars at a crowded place and then you come back to the parking lot you have no idea where your car was parked in, that is where this app come in handy by tracking your car via Bluetooth. Keeping in mind Bluetooth just gives a tracking range of 10 foot but that is enough in most of the cases, Furthermore, this app informs you when your car moves without your will because it comes with a small Bluetooth receiver hooked in the car.

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