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All About The Car Clutch

Persons who drive manual shift cars use their clutch every while they drive. It is significant that somebody who races for a living reflects a diversity of clutches before they merely have one installed.

By: Paresh Gordhan

The Power of the Race Car Clutch

Combustion engines generally have low torque bands. Because of this the speed of the wheels need to be altered so that it is compatible with the speed. Changing transmissions helps to control the driving experience and the speed. If you want to change the flow of energy in a car, you would require a clutch to do so. That’s why the clutch is so important. They are used to change the flow of speed and energy in a car without turning it off or causing it to lag.

Many clutches are available in sets called clutch kits. It contains all the components necessary for a properly functioning clutch. The material that the clutch is made of is quite important and must be taken into consideration. Some clutches are made of Kevlar. Kevlar is a material that was created to last for a long time and it has a smooth transition sequence.

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Have you ever swapped a car clutch yourselves? Unlike other car associated works, it’s not that easy or simple.

By: Manzoor Mani

Replacing Car Clutch and Oil Filter

Do you think the procedure related with the replacement of clutch in a rear wheel drive car and that in a front wheel drive car would be the same? Well, not at all? Actually they are with different steps. These are two procedures that have to be done in different fashion. For the same reason, before you get any further, you should first of all understand the type of car you are with. If you are with a front wheel car, you should be following the procedures mentioned this type of cars. Otherwise, the other procedure, which is meant for rear wheel drive cars.

You’ll need a clutch disk and a pressure plate to carry out the process. The steps would be a bit general for both types of cars. You may have a look at a manual that explains the process pretty briefly. This would be helping you to clear the basic stuffs regarding the replacement of clutch in a car. Like every other car repairing process, this time also you should be lifting the car up using a jack.

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