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Is your car air conditioner not cold enough? If your cars air conditioner is not turning out the cool air that it is supposed to give out, then maybe its time you take a look at it and see what is wrong.

Keeping Your Cool with Air Conditioning Service!

Even people who are devoted to their cars and do all the required maintenance will forget about the air-conditioning system once in a while. While it is true that your car needs a working air-conditioning system to keep things cool inside the car, it is also necessary during the winter also. This is what keeps the windshield from fogging up, which is a safety issue. So for all these reasons, it is imperative to take care of an air conditioner service at the recommended times. Fortunately, this is not a difficult task.

So, how do you know it’s time for the next air conditioner service? The easy way to find out is to turn it on and feel the level of cool air coming through.

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If ever your car air conditioner starts acting up, troubleshooting is a must. In most cases you will want a professional opinion to find out the cause of the AC not working cirrectly.

Auto Air Conditioning Troubleshooting

Ever noticed how the wheels are impossible to turn when the car is off? Your engine is connected to these other things by a pulley system. A pulley is a wheel which has either has teeth or grooves on it. The engine turns a pulley. A belt, which is a very strong rubbery thing, fits into the grooves of the engine pulley and in turn drives the air con’s pulley.

Fairly simple. Belts and pulley’s wear out and need to be replaced. Replacing them seems easier than it is unless you have the right tools. In order for them to work properly, they need to be under the correct tension. Something called a tensioner, does just that. Your mechanic can replace the AC pulley quickly and if you have the right tools you can do it fairly quickly as well.

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If you ever have any major vehicle problems or questions, you can call us and we will do our best for you. Because we at Guanella know what it feels like to drive a car that is in tip top shape.

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